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Driving product development from concept to launch

iPad Docking Station

An award-winning D.C. architectural firm wanting to branch out into product development hired Jeff to help them develop their first consumer product.  Their goal was not commercial success but learning the development process.  The final product – the DOCKR – won several design awards and was a social media hit.

Product Details

  • Plastic injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • Custom Bluetooth keyboard, PCBA, two USB ports, 3-watt Bluetooth speakers, lithium ion backup battery
  • Unique stand mechanism accommodates iPad in both portrait and landscape orientations

Jeff’s Role

Design Development.  Added value via enhanced functionality and inventive design features.

Engineering.  Tested the design of each part to assure the intent of the design concept was realized.

Prototyping. Refined the overall design, look and feel of the product via several rounds of 3D printing.

Sourcing.  Used offshore resources to source speakers, battery and keyboard solutions.

Manufacturing.  Vetted plastic injection factories in China, checked first articles and directed tooling modifications.

Production & Assembly.  Provided on-site factory presence at critical production points.

Fulfillment.  Coordinated with factory, freight forwarder and customs for ocean freight to U.S.

Packaging.  Handled offshore printing of retail packaging.

User Guides.  Created detailed instructions for device use.

Launch.  Facilitated on-line product launch.