Star Horse Products – Born to Run

Turning an idea into a viable venture                       

Veterinary Parasiticide

Recruited to launch a company and develop a new generation of equine fly repellant, Jeff was hired as CEO to run the company during the initial year of operation.  With Jeff at the reins, Star Horse posted more than $3 Million in sales in the first six months, surpassing projections, along with a 60% profit margin on sales to distributors.

Product Details

  • Proprietary technology – the first and only spot-on fly control treatment for horses
  • Advanced 65% Permethrin formula outperforms sprays, masks and wipes
  • Clinically proven head-to-hoof protection for 14 full days
  • Safer,  more effective and more environmentally friendly

Jeff’s Role

  • Created business plan with financial projections.
  • Responsible for business setup, R&D, production, sales & marketing, P&L.
  • Instrumental in obtaining license for a patented spot-on formula from Schering-Plough.
  • Led the effort to obtain state & federal EPA registration for the formulation.
  • Oversaw Baton Rouge manufacturer.
  • Negotiated sales terms with distributors.